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Tim Tszyu ready to punish Gausha

March 24, 2022

Tim Tszyu ready to punish Gausha

The sky is the limit for Tim Tszyu as he prepares to make his American debut in Minneapolis against 2012 Olympic representative Terrell Gausha on Sunday afternoon.

Tszyu arrived in America more than two weeks ago, training in Las Vegas at the Mayweather boxing gym and has this week made the move to Minneapolis to acclimatise to the conditions.

While he switched from the heat to the cold, Tszyu isn’t bothered by the change in conditions.

“I prefer this actually, it’s nice and chilly outside, it doesn’t really bother me,” Tszyu told Fox Sports’ Ben Damon before a training session.

“Once I arrived in America it felt real, it’s good to be here in Minneapolis, it’s quite exciting.“

It’s not just the weather that has caught the attention of Tszyu, he told Damon about the comparison between the media in America compared to Australia.

“It’s different press, different media so they ask different questions,” Tszyu said.

“It’s pretty cool, I’m enjoying the whole process.”

Having been declared as the WBO world title challenger Tszyu doesn’t “like to sit on the sidelines” as Brian Castano and Jermell Charlo continue their rivalry to unify the super-welterweight belts.

He faced Takeshi Inoue in November and will take on Gausha since the WBO’s decision and wants to remain active to build on his legacy.

“I’m not just doing it for myself, but I’m doing it for my fans,” Tszyu said.

“It’s like a TV show and I’ve got plenty of people who rely on me and are always keen and eager to watch, so I do it for them.”

In the lead-up to Sunday’s mammoth clash, Gausha’s camp has claimed Tszyu is a “one trick pony” but the Australian is ready to “punish him”.

“I think it’ll be a slow start, a chess game at first, I need to feel him out and see how long that will take,” Tszyu added.

“He’s going to try and make me make mistakes and I’m going to try and make him make mistakes. I’m not copping it, he’s gonna cop it.”

For the weigh in on Saturday, the 27-year-old told Damon that he has a couple kilos to lose but said everything is under control with only two days to make the limit.

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