Sponsorship / Advertising

At The Sporting Base, we are always happy to talk to potential advertising partners.

We’re a sport-based site that has had over 250,000 users visit the site since we launched in August 2018.

Due to the large numbers we’ve substantially upgraded our site.

Below are some insights to help give you an idea of the numbers we’re attracting.


  •  Over 34,000 users per month
  •  500,000 impressions per month (our ads rotate every 6 seconds so a user will view an ad multiple times)
  •  Over 635 clicks on the ads we run per month.
  •  Last months bounce rate was 0.22%
  •  Our 34,000 users per month are spread out across 10+ countries including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa & India

Email Subscriptions: 

  •  Over 8,00 subscribers to our email list.
  •  38.5% open rate for our emails.
  •  Currently 3-6 emails per week.

You will notice there is plenty of space throughout our site to advertise your brand, so I welcome this opportunity to discuss how we can improve your brand awareness and most importantly drive sales by targeting our users.



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