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Court Orders NFL to Pay $4.7 Billion in ‘Sunday Ticket’ Case

July 4, 2024

Court Orders NFL to Pay $4.7 Billion in ‘Sunday Ticket’ Case

The NFL has found itself in a tough spot. Recently, a court ordered the NFL to pay $4.7 billion due to issues with their ‘Sunday Ticket’ program.

Even though this happened during a slow period for NFL news, it’s a big deal that fans and sports enthusiasts should know about before the season kicks off.

1. NFL Ordered to Pay Over $4.7 Billion in ‘Sunday Ticket’ Class-Action Lawsuit

If you’ve ever bought a “Sunday Ticket” package, you should know about this big news. On Thursday, a federal judge ruled that the NFL has to pay $4.7 billion to residential customers and $96 million to commercial customers. This all started back in 2015 when people claimed that the NFL and its network partners were unfairly raising prices for “Sunday Ticket” packages.

They said this violated antitrust laws. The NFL isn’t giving up easily, though; they plan to appeal the decision. A hearing on July 31 will discuss some final matters, including an attempt to overturn the verdict. This case affects about 2.5 million people who got a “Sunday Ticket” between 2012 and 2022.

2. Puka Nacua Reflects on Record-Breaking Rookie Season with the Rams

Puka Nacua became one of the standout players of the 2023 NFL season, captivating fans and Fantasy Football enthusiasts alike.

The Rams’ wide receiver shattered rookie records with an impressive 105 receptions and 1,486 receiving yards. Nacua’s explosive performance didn’t stop during the regular season; he excelled in the playoffs, catching nine passes for 181 yards and scoring a touchdown. This amazing accomplishment set an NFL record for the most receiving yards by a rookie in a playoff game.

Recently, Nacua shared his thoughts on his incredible rookie year and his preparation for the upcoming season in an interview with CBS Sports’ Jordan Dajani.

Nacua discussed improving the specific parts of his body that he felt needed development through targeted training and strength care. He emphasized paying attention to the nuances, especially related to previous injuries and experiences from the past season.

Nacua also reflected on his emotional state and confidence during the games. Although he wasn’t surprised by his strong performance, he described being in a “flow state” during crucial moments, feeling natural and composed.

Despite an initial setback with a dropped pass during his first NFL game, he regained his confidence by syncing well with quarterback Matthew Stafford, which helped him perform smoothly throughout the season.

3. DirecTV Ends 28-Year Sunday Ticket Partnership as Google Takes Over

Since 1994, DirecTV has been the home for NFL’s Sunday Ticket, letting football fans watch all out-of-market Sunday games broadcast on Fox and CBS. However, this long-standing partnership ended before the 2023-24 NFL season. The NFL struck a new seven-year deal with Google, making YouTube the new platform for Sunday Ticket.

During the recent legal battle, the NFL claimed that the Sunday Ticket fell under a 1961 congressional law, which supposedly allowed them to make broadcast agreements with networks on behalf of the teams. However, the plaintiffs disagreed, arguing that this rule applied only to free, over-the-air broadcasts, not subscription services like Sunday Ticket. The trial also revealed that Fox and CBS pushed the NFL to set higher prices for Sunday Ticket to prevent it from affecting their own TV ratings.

Interestingly, ESPN also showed interest in acquiring Sunday tickets, offering a price of $70 per season for watching all out-of-market Sunday games for a single team. However, the bid was not successful. Now, under YouTube’s management, Sunday Ticket costs $349 per season when bundled with YouTube TV or $449 per season as a standalone package.

With these changes, NFL fans, including those interested in NFL betting on FanDuel, will need to adapt to the new platform. The class-action lawsuit represents all individuals and businesses that purchased Sunday Ticket from DirecTV between June 17, 2011, and Feb. 7, 2023. This significant shift marks a new era for how NFL fans will access their favorite out-of-market games.

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