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2021 F1 Season Preview: Our Predictions & Tips

March 26, 2021

2021 F1 Season Preview: Our Predictions & Tips

The testing is done & now the F1 season will begin in Bahrain as we take a look at which teams / drivers you should follow and which ones you shouldn’t.

There are plenty of changes heading into the 2021 season which makes it hard to know what to expect and most importantly what bets to have. We’ve done all of the hard work for you and will break down each teams chances.

2020 Season Tipping Results:
  • 4,002 Units Of Profit ($4,002 Based On $1 Per Unit Staked)
  • 92 Tips | 22 Wins
  • 23% Strike Rate

Mclaren – Ricciardo & Norris

Zak Brown and his team finished the 2020 season on a high as they claimed third spot in the constructors championship in the final race in Abu Dhabi & if testing is a true indication it looks as if they’ve brought that form to 2021.

The new Mercedes power unit is sure to excite Mclaren fans and Lando Norris showed in testing that they will be pushing the Red Bull and Mercedes team all year.

Daniel Ricciardo joins the team which means the team has two impressive and reliable drivers that will have them consistently on and around the podium this year.


Red Bull & Mercedes will be hard to go past this year but if there are any slip ups the Mclaren team will be there to capitalise.

The driver battle is sure to have us talking all year but we think the late breaking skills of Ricciardo will seem him finish in front of Norris.

  • 1 unit Mclaren to finish first in the Constructors Championship without Red Bull & Mercedes.
  • 1 unit Ricciardo to finish on more points than Norris @ $1.36

Alfa Romeo – Raikkonen & Giovinazzi

It seems Alfa Romeo have been quietly going about their business over the last few seasons without really making a dent in the F1 world & we’re waiting for them to have a season like Alpha Tauri did last season but with Ferrari struggling it looks as if Alfa will be doing the same this season.

Kimi Raikkonen looked to be taking one for the team in testing as he fought through 165 laps on day 3 & even managed to finish in 4th place on day 3.

That said, it looks as if Alfa are looking for answers but we’re thinking there are more questions than answers at this stage.


Alfa are just too far off the pace at the moment and we will rarely see them at the top end of the points in 2021.

The driver battle may be as interesting as a Kimi Raikkonen post race interview as the former champion is a moral to take out this battle.

  • 1 unit Raikkonen to finish on more points than Giovinazzi @ $1.57

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Aston Martin – Vettel & Stroll

The former Racing Point created a lot of controversy last year with their ‘pink Mercedes’ but it was their improvement under Lawrence Strolls control that caused the biggest stir & we expect that to continue in 2021.

Lance Stroll showed the team has real pace when finishing in third place on day 3 of testing & only +0.171 from Valteri Bottas.

The driver battle will be very interesting  as Vettel joins the team & will seemingly take the number one role but with Stroll being the owners son we’re sure he will get plenty of opportunity.


Aston Martin are sure to be a force to be reckoned with this year and we expect they will be duelling it out for third spot in the constructors championship.

Whilst we don’t believe either driver will finish on the podium in the drivers championship but we feel Vettel will be Mr Consistent so he won’t be far from it.

  • 1 unit Vettel to finish on more points than Stroll @ $1.53

Williams – Russell & Latifi

The Williams team showed signs that their rebuild is progressing through testing as they punched out 372 laps & managed to finish day 3 in 6th position with Russell behind the wheel. The new cash injection will surely see them improve but they will still have a long way to go to get back to their golden years.

The driver battle is a clear one here with Russell sure to finish on top being the number one driver but expect Latifi to improve sharply this season.


With Williams a very slim chance of finishing on the podium in the constructors championship  we have to look to the drivers to come upon with a suggested bet.

Russell is a certainty to finish ahead of Latifi but the $1.08 price is obviously too short so we’d suggest throwing it into a multi.


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Alpine – Alonso & Ocon

Alpine has joined the competition using the former Renault brand and quickly called upon F1 legend Fernando Alonso to lead the team to glory. It’s not hard to see why when the legend has improved every team his been to by more than 0.5 seconds.

If we learned anything from testing it is that Alpine know how to deliver a reliable car as they sent the lap counter spinning without any reliability issues.


Whilst Alpine are set for a good year we can’t see them finishing on the podium in the constructors championship.

Alonso will be the number one driver and will get preference on the track so it’s hard to see Ocon finishing on more points.

  • 1 unit Alonso to finish on more points than Ocon @ $1.36

Ferrari – Sainz & Leclerc

Mattia Binotto and the team at Ferrari have desperately been looking for an answer to the recent poor form & they will be hoping that Carlos Sainz can play a big part in that.

Ferrari have always been famous for their power unit and in recent times they have looked like their power unit was taken from my uncles ride on lawn mower so if they’re any chance of finishing in the top 3 they will have to put more power under the accelerator of Sainz & Leclerc.

The new driver combination looks great on paper but it having two young drivers looking to assert their dominance in the team is sure to provide issues through the year which is something they have also struggled with recently.


With Mclaren, Aston Martin & Alpine looking sharp for the 2021 season we predict it will be a very long year for Ferrari fans.

The driver battle will be mouth-watering and we don’t think we’ll see many points between Sainz & Leclerc.

  • 1 unit Sainz to finish on more points than Leclerc

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Haas – Schumacher & Mazepin

The team from USA has always looked good in patches but it was reliability and driver error that let them down last season.

They are taking a huge risk on rectifying the driver error problem by employing two rookies but when one of them has the Schumacher last name it is easy to see why they are confident they have made the right decision.

There are sure to be some hiccups but we can see the Haas team really improving through the year.


Driver experience is going to hurt them early in the year as they look to improve the reliability of their car but as the two rookies start to feel comfortable we can see them gaining some points.

The driver battle is an interesting one but with Schumacher attracting a lot of interest and investors we’re sure he will be the number one driver at Haas

  • 1 unit Schumacher to finish on more points than Mazepin

Alpha Tauri – Gasly & Tsunoda

2020 was a great year for Alpha Tauri as they claimed their first win at Monza which also saw the rise of Pierre Gasly.

Yuki Tsunoda joins the team in 2021 and he is fast! He showed his class in testing when finishing second on day 3 and only 0.093 seconds behind Verstappen in first place.


Alpha Tauri showed last season that they are more than just a driver training sister team to Red Bull & this season will be no different as we’re sure to see them in the points on a regular basis.

It will be a very interesting to see how the driver battle pans out but ultimately we see Gasly winning this one.

  • 1 unit Gasly to finish on more points than Tsunoda @ $1.14

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Mercedes – Bottas & Hamilton

What can be said that hasn’t already been said about the 7 time World Champions?

The 2020 season saw them as dominant as ever but testing made us think there may be a chink in the armour of the Silver Arrows.

The team struggled in the strong winds which saw Hamilton spin on multiple occasions and when asked about it he responded, “the read doesn’t feel great with the regulation change’.

Another worry was that they struggled in sector 2 which is the low speed / windy section of Bahrain which was not a problem for them in 2020.

Bottas was Mr Reliable in testing which is no surprise to Mercedes fans but can he improve enough to challenge Hamilton for the title?


No doubt that Mercedes will be hard to beat in the title but with the rear struggling with the regulation change we’re willing to risk it and bet against them in the title race.

The driver battle would be interesting if the team showed Bottas some more respect but with Hamilton being their number one it will end with him on top.

  • 1 unit Hamilton to finish on more points than Bottas @ $1.12
  • 1 unit Hamilton to win the Driver’s Championship @ $1.50

Redbull – Verstappen & Perez

The bulls finished 2020 on a high with a win in  Abu Dhabi but overall the season was a disappointment.

They seemed to be lacking in the driver department which meant they were only ever attacking Mercedes with one car.

That problem looks to have been rectified with Perez joining the team in 2021 and we believe this is one of the best signings in Red Bull’s history.

Testing showed us that they have the pace and the corner speed to be a real threat this season.


Red Bull have shown they have what it takes in previous seasons & with Perez joining the team we believe they have what it takes to go all of the way.

The driver battle looks to be the most interesting one on the grid with Perez looking to show that he is not only reliable but also fast!

  • 1 unit Red Bull To Win The Constructor’s Championship @ $3.40
  • 1 unit Perez to finish on more points than Verstappen @ $4.00

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