2021 Kosciuszko Syndicate


Sold By: The Sporting Base
  • $25 will purchase 1 unit in the syndicate.
  • 1 unit in the syndicate will purchase 5 tickets.
  • E.G If we have 100 shares purchased we will have 500 tickets.
  • You may purchase as many units as you like.
  • The more units you purchase the higher % you’ll own in the syndicate.
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  • 31 shares (155 tickets) purchased already
The Kosciuszko is just around the corner so we thought we’d put a syndicate together to give our users a better chance of having a ticket being drawn.

Update: 93 shares (465 tickets) purchased by users already.

The $1.3m race is set to run on Saturday the 16th of October & the new concept allows punters to pay $5 for a ticket that goes into a draw and if your ticket is drawn you will own a slot in the race which means you then get to select the horse you want to run in your slot.

The slot holder then has to negotiate % of prize money etc with the owners of the horse and if an agreement is made the horse will race for the slot holder.

Rather than buying a handful of tickets for yourself and having a small chance of being drawn you can enter our syndicate with other punters to purchase more tickets and have a greater chance of being drawn.

How It Will Work:
  • Our syndicate will close on the 7th of September and ALL funds that are in the pot will be used to purchase tickets.
  • Once tickets have been purchased all members will be notified of the exact ticket numbers so they can track whether they are drawn as the winners.
  • The official draw is on the 9th of September.
  • In the event that we have a winning ticket members will be notified and our analysts will get to work on 3-4 horses they believe have the best chance of winning the event.
  • We will then put it up for a vote to see which horse the members want to represent them in the race.
  • The Sporting Base will then negotiate with the owners of the horses in the order of the voting results to gain the best result for our syndicate.
  • Any prize money (minimum $3,000) will be divided up amongst the shareholders.

All users looking to buy a share in our Kosciuszko syndicate must read the following terms and conditions prior to purchasing tickets.

  1. There will be NO refund should you change your mind after purchasing tickets.
  2. Entries into the syndicate will close on the 7th of September.
  3. The purchase of 1 $25 unit will be used to purchase 5 tickets.
  4. The Sporting base will NOT be held responsible if the syndicate does not have a winning ticket.
  5. The Sporting Base will act as the manager of the syndicate and will decide which horse will represent the syndicate in the race should we win a slot.
  6. The Sporting Base will negotiate with the owners of perspective runners to obtain the best deal.
  7. The Sporting Base will act as the syndicate manager & will have the final say on ALL things relating to the syndicate.
  8. The Sporting Base takes no responsibility for the result of the race and will not be held accountable if a member isn’t happy with the result.