F1 Spanish GP Preview: Our Expert Tips & Staking Plan

May 9, 2021

F1 Spanish GP Preview: Our Expert Tips & Staking Plan

The Spanish GP is always full of drama and with the Hamilton Vs Verstappen duel set for round 4 this race is sure to be no different.

Our apologies for the late post but our Sunday has been flat out and we wanted to spend plenty of time assessing the form in an important race.

We’ve found some nice bets and placed them below.

2020 Season Tipping Results:

2021 Season Tipping Results:
(We’re basing 1 unit as $1 for this service)

Fastest Lap

We’re working on the theory here that Hamilton & Verstappen will be fighting it out for the majority of the race which may leave Bottas behind in his own space which would give him time to box late for new tyres and hit the fastest lap

  • 150 units Bottas @ $3.50 – (potential profit = $375)
Market outlay = 150 units ($150)

Top 6

Daniel Ricciardo said that he is finally feeling at home in his car which is what we have been waiting to hear and it makes the $1.80 top 6 price look like a great bet.

  • 100 units Ricciardo @ $1.80 – (potential profit = $80)
Market outlay = 100 units ($100)

Top 10

Gasly just hasn’t seemed to fire yet this season but is a talented driver who is starting from 12th on the grid.

When we look at the times he only finished 0.008 seconds outside the top 10 and if we add in the fact that he generally improves under race conditions then he could be a good bet here.

  • 100 units Gasly to finish top 10 @ $1.40 – (potential profit = $40)
Market outlay = 100 units ($100)

Race Winner

The Hamilton Vs Verstappen duel has our mouths watering once again & with just 8 points between them in the title race there is a chance that this race could be crucial.

Verstappen has shown pace all week and Hamilton was using his usual tactic of keeping the car turned down until it mattered most.

It may be a short price but we’re backing the defending champion here.

  • 400 units Hamilton @ $1.50 – (potential profit = $200)
Market outlay = 300 units ($300)

Winning Margin

With a duel very likely to happen here we can be confident in thinking that the winning margin will be under 4 seconds

  • 100 units under 4 seconds @ $2.75 – (potential profit = $175)
Market outlay = 100 units ($100)

Staking Plan
  • 150 units Bottas @ $3.50
  • 100 units Ricciardo @ $1.80
  • 100 units Gasly to finish top 10 @ $1.40
  • 400 units Hamilton @ $1.50
  • 100 units under 4 seconds @ $2.75
Total race outlay = 850 units ($850)

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